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The VSF and SNS-x70 products lines offer Simulation solutions covering advanced Training and Visualization needs. Our simulation and visualization engines generate weather and environmental effects which allow naval, ground and flight training in extreme conditions. Key capabilities:
  • Connectivity to legacy systems as well as tactical and procedural trainers.
  • Fast development and deployment of specific custom features.
  • Multiple View Display for full immersion in bridge/helm applications.
  • Connectivity to 3-6DoF Motion Platforms.

Simsquared develops Simulation, Visualization and Training solutions based on real-environment, high performance, flexible engines suitable for standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware.

We have received solid votes of confidence from the cooperation with our key technology and business partners who are active in military, civilian and entertainment markets.

Contact us and see what we can do for your simulation and training needs.


    • March 1st , 2011
      Simsquared Ltd. developing the next generation of the VSF engine.
    • January 15th , 2011
      Simsquared Ltd. and IFAD to upgrade the 3DVS (3D Visual System) to the latest VSF engine for the Royal Danish Navy.
    • January 1th , 2011
      Simsquared Ltd. and IFAD adding new 3DVS licenses to the Royal Danish Navy training facility

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