SNS-T70 is a Rules of the Road Training Suite. It allows for training and testing of the International Rules at Sea (including the latest annexes) in a fully dynamic and simulative environment. The flashcards/presentation style training and testing is a thing of the past. Now the cadets must apply the rules in a live environment, under realistic conditions and all this without leaving the classroom.

A typical setup consists of a networked classroom of several stations (typically ten and up), with two additional Instructor Stations. The Instructors control all aspects of the training: which rules to study and apply and under which conditions. They can even define a training scenario that the cadets can “play with” either as a single ship commander, or as a cooperative “game” – all with the same stunning visuals as our more elaborate Bridge Simulator.

A very powerful training addition to a RoR Training Classroom is a Full Bridge Simulator. The more demanding missions can benefit from the added realism offered by a multiple view environment. The Full Bridge Simulator can operate either as an independent entity or as a “player” within the RoR Training Classroom.

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