Naval Training

Simsquared’s VSF, SNS-T70 Naval Training and SNS-S70 Naval Simulator offers a full Rules of the Road Training Suite which dramatically cuts training costs and increases trainees’ proficiency at sea. We use the power of our Simulators to convey the full impact of the Rules’ application and rehearsal and when connected to our full Bridge Simulation, it enables a fully immersive and believable rehearsal environment before going out to sea. The Naval Training tools feature harbor 3D visual modeling – pier, cranes, containers, buildings, navigational beacons, full weather and time of day control, control of image quality and complexity, coastal and underwater topography etc.

In addition, the new VSF product line offers an out-of-the box amphibious assault simulation environment with accurate sea and waves physics, which are crucial for a believable and useful training outcome.

The all-encompassing simulation approach of the new Vehicle Simulation Framework also presents an accurate training environemnt for helicopter landing on naval platforms such as frigates and oil rigs.

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